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Environmental Benefits

Solar energy creates clean, renewable energy from the sun and benefits the environment by reducing our dependency on fossils and cutting carbon emissions

Reduces Air Pollution

One of the biggest benefits of solar energy is that it has zero greenhouse gas emissions when producing electricity. This cuts the average US house carbon footprint from 30,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds; literally in half. Traditional energy producers add more than 60 million pounds of carbon emissions to our atmosphere annually.


Reduces Water Pollution


Non-renewable resources are used to produce traditional electricity. Hundreds of Billions of gallons of water are contaminated each year in the productions and use of non-renewable resources. Some of the chemicals and heavy metals found contaminating this water includes: Lead, Copper, Arsenic, Mercury and
Formaldehyde. Solar panels do not require water to produce electricity, cutting down on water pollution.

Reduces Nonrenewable Energy Sources

Solar can also help reduce our dependency on nonrenewable energy resources. Using those  resources consistently drives the price of energy production up. These resources will eventually run out and the sooner we can make the full transition to renewable energy, the better for both Earth and our species.


Fights Climate Change


Traditional production of electricity emits both Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Methane gas (CH4), which are the leading causes of climate change. The energy from the sun is trapped in these gases raising their temperature all across the globe. Converting your home to solar is one of the best ways for you to directly combat climate change in your own backyard (Literally)!

Solar energy is readily abundant and if we could capture all of the sun’s energy shining on the Earth for just one hour, we could power the entire world for one year!

By investing in solar energy, you can help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels in favor of one of the most abundant, consistent sources of energy we have available: Our sun. 

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