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Affiliate Program

An opportunity of unlimited earning potential based on your client's system size.

Why Work With Us?

Here at Simple Solar our goal is to educate our clients on how solar works and the benefits of building a custom system. Other companies in the industry offer cookie-cutter systems or systems built using only limited data. Many times, this results in systems that produce less energy than the homeowner uses annually, leaving them with an unexpected bill from their utility company at the end of the year. Other times it results in a system that over-produces and the homeowner does not receive the full financial benefit possible. We avoid this by collecting the homeowners previous 12 months of usage and asking key questions to ensure we are predicting any changes in future energy usage and building a system that is going to best suit their needs and avoid under- or over-production. In addition to using the highest quality products, we also pride ourselves in our customer service. We are more than solar salespeople, we are your partners in creating a cost-effective solution to provide a better environment for the future generations.

What are the Benefits of Going Solar?

Environmental Benefits

Non-renewable resources are used to produce traditional electricity. Hundreds of Billions of gallons of water are contaminated each year in the productions and use of non-renewable resources. Solar panels do not require water to produce electricity, cutting down on water pollution.

One of the biggest benefits of solar energy is that it has zero greenhouse gas emissions when producing electricity. Traditional energy producers add more than 60 million pounds of carbon emissions to our atmosphere annually. Converting your home to solar cuts the average US house carbon footprint from 30,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds; literally in half. Traditional production of electricity emits both Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Methane gas (CH4), which are the leading causes of climate change.


Financial Benefits

0 Money Down

Lower Monthly Payment

Fixed Monthly Payment

Own Your System

Why Use Our Products & Installers?

We offer only tier1 products from trusted brands backed by a 25-year warranty

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Solar Edge single phase inverter with HD-Wave Technology

  • Small, lightweight, and easy to install

  • Up to 155% over sizing allowed

  • High reliability due to lower dissipation

  • Internet communication

  • Mix and match panel capabilities


Our Installers Have a Proven Track Record


We’re California’s leading, full-service solar energy installer, having installed over 7,000 solar system over the last 10 years. Over 95% of our customers said they were “Extremely Satisfied” with our work. We have a 4.9-star average review on Yelp, and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How Do You Sign Up Clients?

1) Go to

2) Click "see how much you could be saving on the home page

3) Clients basic information and your referral code

4) 12 month usage rate if available

5) More information about the homeowner

6) Book an appointment

Enter your information to set up a time to chat with Simple Solar Energy Solutions to learn how to start earning a commission.

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